A Gentleman in True Spirit

On April 25, 2012

By Tenzin Lekshay

His Holiness the Dalai Lama greets Shri Brij Bhushan Tiwari in Dharamshala on 08 August 2011 (Photo: OHHDL)

The morning seemed bright with sunshine, despite the unpredictable weather that constantly irk us with thunder light and shower amidst the best season of Dharamshala. Even though today’s weather seemed perfect, the news of the sudden and sad demise of Shri Brij Bhushan Tiwari ji cast down a thick cloud of sadness.

A day before he took a solemn oath as a member of Indian Parliament along with 50 odd legislators. We were overjoyed with his new responsibility, but it remained short-lived as he left this earthly world due to a severe heart attack. We are inconsolably sad as he departed us physically, when we needed him the most. But his contribution will remain immortal in the struggle for Tibetan freedom. He shall be remembered for his meritorious and unconditional support for Tibet till his last breath. Tibetans and Tibetan supporters all over the world will dearly miss him and shall pray for his swift rebirth.

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Gabriel Lafitte, an Australian is a public policy analyst who has worked with Tibetans for over 30 years, most recently as consultant to the Environment & Development Desk of Central Tibetan Administration. He has written on development models suitable for Tibet, resource exploitation, education and basic needs, poverty, urbanisation, and the ways Tibetans accommodate modernity without embracing colonisation. He recently retired from teaching Asian Studies at universities in Melbourne, Australia.

Gabriel Lafitte is currently in Dharamshala for two weeks. Taking this opportunity, Tibet Policy Institute convened two seminars, where he made presentations on ‘Erasing Tibetan Ethnic Identity from Chinese Citizenship: Will it happen? What are the consequences?’ on 22 March 2012 and ‘Representing Tibetan Environment and Development: What do we mean by our ten top key phrases?’ on 29 March 2012 respectively.

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By Thubten Samphel, Tibet Policy Institute

When you run out of arguments, you resort to name-calling. China is doing just that. It compares His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Hitler and the Tibetan proposal to regulate the flow of Chinese settlers onto the plateau as a Holocaust, an act of the Nazis. This was splashed on the 24 March edition of China Tibet Online and other state news organs. Mighty China, the next superpower, bristling with military hardware and awashed in hard cash, equating a lone exile to Hitler, the man who started World War II, made international news.

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By Dhundup Gyalpo

“Shocking, outrageous and totally unacceptable”: This is how the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish human rights organization, characterized the Chinese media’s attempt to draw an analogy between Nobel Peace Laureate Dalai Lama and the Nazi perpetrator of the World War II Holocaust. The Center demanded that China Tibet Online and the Xinhua News Agency apologize for slandering the Dalai Lama and denigrating the holocaust victims.

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Journey to Freedom

On April 2, 2012

By Tsoltim N. Shakabpa

We have journeyed over land and sea

And traversed thousands and thousands of miles

Many have adopted new countries

And many more remain prisoners in their own country

Under the illegal, tyrannical rule of China

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Fire burns for Freedom

On March 28, 2012

Martyr Jamphel Yeshi in flame during the protest in Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 26 March 2012

By Tenzin Lekshay

After reading Li Xiaojun‘s tuneless piece in today’s Hindustan Times, it deems important to give a response to cast off the ignorance of man in-charge of propaganda desk in the Embassy of China, New Delhi. It is pity that the Chinese propaganda works 24X7, creating lies after lies to spread the goodnesses of the Chinese Communist Regime. In truth, People’s Republic of China, (PRC) the world’s rising power is surviving on the edge of lies and bullets. Mr. Li is one amongst those CCP trained leaders, who had memorized the teachings of their invincible Master, Mao Tsetung, who stressed on ‘telling thousand times a lie, and it will become truth’. Li’s article carries no weight as it lacks the factual substances, where he attacks His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Dr. Lobsang Sangay, the current political leader of Tibetans in diaspora for instigating the self-immolation inside Tibet. However, he purportedly neglects the prime cause of the self immolations inside Tibet, which lies upon the China’s repressive policies inside

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Zhou Yongkang walking the plank, with Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun below (Illustration: The epoch times)

By Tenzin Lekshay

With the 18th Party Congress approaching, China’s top brass Communist leaders are waging a constant war within to stabilize their political will into the next politburo. Such practice of snuffing out a political opponent among the leaders were not uncommon in Chinese Communist history. Deng Xiaoping, Zhao Ziyang, Hu Yobang were the classic examples. Even Xi Jiping’s own father was not spared from this horrendous circle of power concentration. Now, with the upcoming change in the Chinese leadership, Bo Xilai, a probable candidate for the next politburo, the highest decision making power of PRC, is the latest victim. Whether Bo’s model of Chongqing was suitable for China or not, it is separately a different case, but the humiliating exit of Bo Xilai clearly shows that Chinese Communist Party still lingers in the shoes of the old orthodox doctrines.

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By Tenzin Nyinjey


When I saw the first image

Of a fallen body in flames

I banged on my table

And cried – NO!

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Mcleod Ganj

By Tsering Dhondup

Dharamshala is situated at 32° 15’ 42” north latitude and 76° 22’ 46” east longitude in the foothills of the Himalaya in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. With an average elevation of 1457 metres (4780 feet), it falls on the spur of the Dhauladhar Range, a part of the Sub-Himalaya that forms the southern front of the Himalayan mountain ranges. But unfortunately, the town— which is the political and spiritual hub of the Tibetan Diaspora— is located in the zone V (highest risk zone with intensity MSK IX or greater) in the earthquake hazard zoning map of India.1

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Lets Get Real

On March 26, 2012

By Denzi Yishey

Time.com revealed “The Self-immolation of Tibetan Monks” as the top most underreported stories of the year 2011. The indefinite hunger strike at New York City did not receive as much press and media attention as it should. One of the three hunger strikers was forcibly taken to a hospital and still the press and media remained largely mum. Most writings that we see in the international press were from individuals and bloggers. There are no in-depth analyses on why there are self-immolations in Tibet and why three Tibetans were on hunger strikes in front of the United Nations Headquarters. 

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