By Tenzin Nyinjey


When I saw the first image

Of a fallen body in flames

I banged on my table

And cried – NO!


Then I saw another image

Of his whole body in flames running forward at full speed

More glorious than an Olympic 100 meter champion

A sense of joy filled my heart and I said to myself –

The fire within and without



Then I saw the last image

Of his charred naked body

Pale and yellow – his clothes torn apart

Lying on a stretcher

A shivering cold ran down my body

Tears almost shot up into my eyes

And I uttered to myself – YOU CAN’T DO THIS!


The writer works at Kashag Secretariat, Central Tibetan Administration.

(The views expressed here are that of the author and shall not be regarded as views and policies of Central Tibetan Administration.)


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